POMPADOUR (Помпадур)
CROP (Кроп)
Undercut (Андеркат)
FADE (Фэйд)

Barbershop Fidel: stylish men's haircuts and royal shaving.

Who said that only women carefully monitor their appearance? For a stylish, well-groomed man, any door is open. So, the image must be perfect.

An important role in its creation is played by a haircut. Men who visited the Fidel barbershop, by their own example, were able to make sure that properly selected hairstyles are able to radically change the appearance, hide flaws and advantageously emphasize virtues. Barbershop Fidel offers customers not only topical men's haircuts, but always fashionable classics.

No templates! The masters of our hairdresser individually work with every man. This approach allows you to achieve an amazing result.

Barbershop & ndash; this is a new look at habitual hairstyles, brutal macho, respectable businessmen, and representatives of creative professions will find themselves relevant here. It all depends on your wishes.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Then such fashionable men's haircuts presented in our barbershop, like Pompadour or Anderkat, will definitely stop the look. For the first mandatory condition & ndash; have a sufficient amount of hair on the crown, in the second case, a long bang that goes through the entire upper part of the head is required & ndash; from the forehead to the neck.

For connoisseurs of universal men's haircuts that do not require special movement and are ideally suited for n & nbsp; men of any age, like the haircut Crop.

Haircut Fade will interest those who closely follows the latest trends in fashion, and, going to the barber, men's haircuts consider only the most current.

If a son grows up in your family, he will definitely want to imitate a stylish dad. & nbsp; To realize the dream of the child will help the haircut service Amigo + son Amigo, presented & nbsp; in a barbershop at an affordable price.

And we also know how to please the owners of a beard and mustache. After decades of forgetting, today the light unshaven and even the classic beard are again at the peak of popularity. And if you are a trend, then you will not stop choosing a hairstyle in our barber shop.

The haircut, care for the beard and mustache in the Fidel barber shop are also presented at a democratic price. Cutting a beard barbershop will be a logical overstatement to create a unique image.